Mallorca – an island to love



I used to live for two years on this beautiful island and so I returned for another visit in summer. Words cannot describe my feelings for all this beauty this island has to offer. I love the mountains in the west with their charming and small villages such as Valdemossa and I also love the south-east so much as well where I had lodged at a lovely and peaceful Fincahotel during my stay. Besides that I had lots of work to do while I was there, but I managed to capture some impressions along the way.


WOW was für tolle Bilder. Wo wurden denn die Aufnahmen von den Olivenbäumen gemacht? Ich liiiiiiebe Olivenbäume!

Der Esel. Ich bin verliebt. Nächstes Jahr geht es auch für mich nach Mallorca, ich bin gespannt. <3